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Ahreum LeeKR/QC

Ahreum Lee<sup>KR/QC</sup>
Ahreum LeeKR/QC

Ahreum Lee is a musician and interdisciplinary media artist from Seoul, South Korea currently based in Montreal. Lee began her career as the co-founder and frontwoman of experimental art-rock band Juck Juck Grunzie. After spending nearly a decade producing records and touring internationally, she extended her practice into video and multimedia installation work.

Photo Credit: Min Ju Kim

Ahreum Lee KR/QCMultiple Selves

Video and performance installation exploring through voice the “glitch” self and multiple identities. Working from research on communication with virtual assistants (Siri, Alexa, Google, etc.), the perception of voice, the hierarchization of sounds according to gender, and the concept of “Glitch Feminism” (Lacey Russel), Ahreum Lee suggests a glimpse of voices of the future. In a random play on the pitch, length, and tone of syllables, Multiple Selves brings together three choristers who reproduce sounds generated by a voice synthesis application the artist has created.

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