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ProxySpace Premiere AR

ProxySpace Premiere AR

Saturday, May 8, 2021
01:30_03:30 GMT +2



ProxySpace is a live coding session co-organized by MUTEK ES and On-the-fly, a European project led by Hangar. This performative technique, focused on writing algorithms in real time, can be used to produce music or images, but also to reach other areas. We will discover it in the workshop by livecoder Shelly Knotts, a practical seminar that will allow us to learn the basics of creating a live-coding session and producing soundscapes, rhythms and patterns with SuperCollider. We will witness as well, the performances by Glen Fraser + Shelly Knotts, Iris Saladino + Roger Pibernat and Iván Paz + Julia Múgica.

MUTEK - Event Placeholder