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µ-Ziq & ID:MORA<sup>UK+ES</sup>

The IDM, jungle and breakbeat genres have their most endearing representative in the figure of Mike Paradinas. His oeuvre as µ-Ziq has not only left a trail of wonder and inspiration since the nineties, fueling the imagination of new generations of producers and adventurous listeners with a sound as emotional as innovative. His hard work at the helm of the iconic Planet Mu label for 27 years has amplified some of the most adventurous and experimental sound for the dance floor with projects like Venetian Snares, Time Exile, DJ Rashad and Jlin. Thus, with one ear on the most edgy electronic productions and the other on the infinite possibilities of studio work, Paradinas maintains an unusual freshness despite almost 30 years of experience.

With an action-packed 2022, Mike Paradinas was inevitably inspired while preparing the 25th anniversary edition of his iconic album Lunatic Harness (1997). Already with renewed energy after visiting the beautiful landscapes of Iceland, µ-Ziq prepared what would be his long-awaited return to Planet Mu after 13 years: Magic Pony Ride. This intrepid and emotional reconnection with jungle and the most bittersweet IDM finds in the work of videographer and visual artist ID:Mora the perfect complement for him; together, they deliver an intense audiovisual adventure as humorous as it is delirious. Their collaborative debut at the Lunchmeat Festival is remembered as one of the most surprising moments of the festival, as we will experience it at MUTEK MX's Nocturne 360.

Producer Mike Paradinas aka µ-Ziq UK and visual artist ID:MORA ES.


Producer Mike Paradinas aka µ-Ziq UK and visual artist ID:MORA ES.


Planet Mu


Magic Pony Ride LP and the two EP's Goodbye and Hello, back on his own Planet Mu label after 13 years.


Throughout 2022, several ID:Mora video art pieces have been included in exhibitions at museums and audiovisual art festivals such as Kaboom Animation Festival, Kronos Art, and Kobka Gallery.