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Jiony & SabmeMX

Jiony & Sabme<sup>MX</sup>
Jiony & SabmeMX
Connect MUTEK.MX 1 Premiere ES

07.05 | 21:30 GMT +2
Live: 21:30 GMT +2

Connect MUTEK.MX 1 Premiere AR

08.05 | 02:30_05:00 GMT +2
Live: 02:30 GMT +2

Connect MUTEK.MX 1 Premiere JP

08.05 | 14:30_17:00 GMT +2
Live: 14:30 GMT +2

Throughout multiple recent explorations of the electronic music scene Jiony has acquired the name of one of Mexico City's most restless artists and producers. With more than 10 years of career and a sound that borders on the grounds of downtempo, the co-founder of the VAA label has one of the most versatile and effervescent live acts, mixing from nu jazz to Latin music in a flourishing techno and trip-hop bases that complement each other with uniqueness on any dance floor.

Surrealism, geometry and dreamlike symbols are evident in Sabme's creations. From 2D images to real-time proposals that play with form, colors, space and textures, Daniel Emba Sánchez, under his pseudonym, has participated in an extensive list of venues and cultural projects in Mexico and abroad. The visual artist and graphic designer will pair up with Jiony to present an unique performance.




Sí y No (2020) and Pixels Art of Moscow (2020)